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All of our products are easy to use, accurate, inexpensive, cleared by the FDA.
All tests include complete instructions and provide an immediate res

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While these screens are trusted by laboratories, physician offices, police departments, probation
officers and big business, do not let them replace good parental judgement.

Whenever necessary, results can and should be confirmed.

Any questionable result should be followed up with testing by a certified laboratory.
These tests will pick up many prescription medications.
They do not test for every possible drug of abuse.
A positive test result should be reviewed and confirmed for illegal drug use.
In most cases, the child will "fess up" after a positive home test...
if not, please give them the benefit of the doubt.
Take the urine that you received the positive test on to your doctor or a lab
if your child insists that the test is wrong, or call us for further instructions.

Please contact us with any questions.

Don't be confused by our product choices...we carry just a few products offered in various packages to easily find the most economical solution.

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    BRAND NEW! INTRODUCTORY PRICE! Our new in-home EtG alcohol tests detects alcohol in the urine as soon as 2 hours after drinking and may be detected for up to 80 hours past consumption. For absolute "zero tolerance", it is recommended that you test every 40 hours due to differences in metabolism. Because of the long window of detection, it most useful in testing individuals who should not be drinking at all. We are so excited to offer this new technology!


    DON'T BE FOOLED BY CHEAP, COUNTERFEIT PRODUCTS, OR SHIPPING CHARGES THAT COST MORE THAN THE TEST! Remember, it is knowing that they will be tested often that provides the deterrent when faced with the decision to use drugs. The "per test" price decreases when larger packages are ordered.

    This single use test screens for the most common drugs of abuse among teens today. Just one step- dip into a dixie cup of urine and wait 5 minutes for the results. This simple, accurate test screens for;
    THC (marijuana, weed, smoke, pot, hash),
    Cocaine (crack, skitz, snow),
    Methamphetamines (ice, crank, crystal, glass),
    Opiates, (heroin, horse, vicodin, morphine, codeine)

    Amphetamines (speed, uppers, go), and 
    Benzodiazepines (t-bars, roofies, date rape drug, valium, librium, xanax).

    Important note: Our tests screen for benzodiazepines, which are very popular among teens.


    Pack of 4 of our Six Panel Tests (same as above). Whether your results are positive or negative, drug testing in the home needs to be ongoing. Kids change, peers change, circumstances change. Your kids need to know that you will randomly test, and they will never know when to expect a test. It really does give them an acceptable excuse to say 'no'.







    12 six panel tests (same as above).
    Great Value!

    For larger quantities, see our "For Schools & Businesses" page.


    Kids may change their drug of choice if your testing program isn't comprehensive enough. This is an expanded test for those of you who feel that you might need to test more thoroughly. This has a specific test for the detection of Oxycodone*. The 12 panel has all the screens of the 6 panel, plus it differentiates between meth and Ecstasy, and detects Methadone (the newest killer of teens), Barbiturates, PCP, and PPX (Darvocet). Now, with the rising popularity of Molly (pure MDMA), this all inclusive screen may well be worth the additional cost.
    This is a specific test for the detection of Oxycodone (Percodan, Percocet, Roxicodone,and Oxycontin. Oxycodone is often detected as an opiate, but this very specific test has a much higher sensitivity detection level than that of the standard Opiate drug test (included on the six panel test). Consequently, a positive test result will not only confirm Oxycodone but other opiates as well. The Oxycodone test is not just Oxycodone specific, but opiate specific. It is able to detect Oxycodone/opiate use at the higher sensitivity level required while the 2000 ng/ml sensitivity level of the standard opiate test would not always detect Oxycodone.



    Same comprehensive test as above in a money saving larger quantity.

    Cocaine / Amphetamines / Methamphetamines / Marijuana / Methadone / Opiates2000 / PCP / Barbiturate / Benzodiazepines / Propoxyphene / Ecstacy / Oxycodone


    With our home alcohol test there is no more wondering if your teens are drinking and driving. It's an easy test - it takes just minutes to swab the inside of the mouth and wait for the results. Keep tests in the house. It is much easier to let your teenager drive the car to a party when you are both clear that there will be an alcohol test when they return. The test even tells you the approximate blood alcohol level at the time of the test! This test is very accurate, and the results are immediate.
    Some sobering statistics from The 2005 Monitoring the Future national results on teen drug use :
    Alcohol is the #1 drug of choice among our youth. 
    Approximately 19% of 8th-graders, 35% of 10th-graders, and 48% of 12th-graders report having consumed alcohol during the past month.
    More than 11% of 8th-graders, 22% of 10th-graders, and 29% of 12th-graders report binge drinking (five drinks in a row in the last two weeks).  


    I kiss my kids and send them off with a wave of an alcohol screen. I want them to have fun, but knowing that there may be an alcohol test when they get home "helps" them make better decisions. If it isn't nerve-wracking enough to have a teen driver, the possibility of teen drinking and driving is enough to put a parent over the edge. Just one arrest or accident can be financially devastating to the parent. FREE Shipping!


    This urine test detects cigarette smoking with immediate, accurate results. The test will also detect nicotine patches, cigar smoking, and pipe smoking and chewing tobacco. Now you can know the truth and increase your chances of preventing this dangerous habit. Cigarettes are a "gateway" drug. Kids today will tell you "cigarettes lead to drinking, drinking leads to drugging". Research shows that youth who smoke cigarettes are fourteen times more likely to try marijuana as those who don't. Getting a handle on this "gateway drug" as early as possible could be one of greatest things that you ever do for your child.

    Value pack of 12 tests. If you have a young smoker, it is very important to get them to quit- and continue to monitor that it "stuck". Don't forget to reward your child for kicking the habit when they do, and then pat yourself on the back for hopefully preventing what could have been a lifetime habit. FREE SHIPPING!


    Save money when you protect your family with all three of the above products. Receive two 6 panel multi-drug test kits (same as above), four alcohol saliva tests, and four nicotine tests. Order one combo package for each pre-teen and teen in your home. .


    This big value package is a huge savings for large families and parents who are testing on a very frequent basis. Same tests as above.


    12- 6 panel drug tests+ 12 alcohol tests+ 12 tobacco checks.

    A dixie cup works just fine and saves money at home. This integrated cup with the test and the cup as one piece is great when you don't want to handle urine. Schools and businesses love these. In addition to the tests included on the 6 panel test, this cup tests for Ecstasy specifically (the 6 panel picks up the metamphetamine in ecstasy), Barbiturates, Methadone, and PCP. The test is inside the cup, so there is no need for specimen handling. Temperature strip is on the cup. Sold only in packages of four. FREE SHIPPING!


    Spice/K2 is a synthetic cannabinoid (marijuana) that is similar to THC, the principle active component of cannabis. Synthetic cannabinoids compete for the same receptor agonists as THC. These synthetics however, have a much higher and complete binding affinity than THC, reportedly allowing similar, yet far more intense affects over its THC counterpart (3-700 times more powerful). Because there is no real labeling of these products, the most dangerous things in Spice may not be the chemicals we actually know about, but what we don't.Some states are outlawing the sale of these substances, but they are still easily available. 
    This dip card test detects the following metabolites:
    JWH-018 N-(5-hydroxypentyl) metabolite
    JWH-018 N-pentanoic acid
    JWH-073 N-(4-hydroxybutyl) metabolite
    JWH-073 N-butanoic acid

    Reg. Price:
    Sale Price:

    This oral drug screen is handy for certain situations, but isn't the best choice for most in-home testing situations. An oral test basically only answers the question "are you on drugs right now", with a window of detection of only about 18-24 hours. They are great for workplace testing for safety purposes, dealing with the teen who comes home impaired and won't give a urine sample, or driving over to where they are staying overnight and having them run out to your car. They are easy to perform, clean, and non-invasive, also giving instant results.

    All of our products are cleared by the FDA.

    International orders only must disclose the contents of the envelope for customs purposes (test kits).

    USPS Express Mail is sometimes "overnight", but only to certain areas. It is usually 2nd day, except to major metro areas, which often arrive the next day. You may need to be available to sign for the package unless you state otherwise when ordering. Choosing our "Express" option will get it there quicker, but not always overnight.

    With the good ol' USPS, it may be there overnight with the regular First-Class mail too...then again, it may take a week! Has anybody figured this out? :)We know that you are anxious to implement testing. Please give me a call if it absolutely has to be there overnight. For most orders this will run between $35.00-$50.00.

    Sometimes Canada Post just gets it to you whenever, but they get it there. We have no control over customs, and they sometimes hang onto packages 2 weeks. We ship the same or next business day. Beyond that, it is out of our control. International orders must disclose the company name and contents of the envelope for customs purposes, We mail at least once a day, every weekday. Typically, Canada Priority orders take about 1 week to arrive, First Class Mail (free) takes around two weeks. **Global Express may take a few days.

    We LOVE feedback from our customers!

    My husband and I had suspected for some time that our son was smoking pot, although I was having a harder time believing it.  We finally ordered a 4-pack of tests from your site and found that not only did it show positive results for marijuana, but also for cocaine.  That lead to a heart-to-heart talk, with consequences, and life has gotten so much better since then.  His personality has changed drastically and the friends that he once hung around with are no longer in the picture.  We continue to test him randomly and he is glad to provide a sample, knowing that he truly is drug free.  Thanks so much for the information that you provide.  It helped our family immensely. Thank you! Pam

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