Drug Test Your Teen
Drug Test Your Teen
At-home drug, alcohol, and tobacco tests for parents of teens.

Drug Test Your Teen has provided at-home drug, alcohol, and tobacco tests to parents of teenagers since 2003. We are proud of our track record, and of the first-hand knowledge that we have acquired in the field of teen drug abuse. 
We know that in-home drug testing (combined with consequences for a positive test) is an effective tool to help keep your kids away from drugs. 

Affordable, easy to use drug tests, administered in the privacy of your home, allow parents to take loving control before teen experimentation turns into something more serious.

The prospect that your child may be using drugs is one of the scariest things imaginable. None of us ever wants to believe that it could be "our child". At Drug Test Your Teen, we know how difficult this can be from personal experience. One of the worst mistakes that a parent can make is to "put their head in the sand"!

We offer several inexpensive, accurate, FDA-cleared drug, alcohol, and tobacco tests that are easy to use in the privacy of your own home. As a parent, whether you are trying to prevent drug use, discover possible drug use, stop current use, or just be reassured that your teen is on the right road, home testing will help. Our hearts ache for the parents that discover their teen's drug use, but knowing the truth is the first step to a solution.

Always let your teens know that you love them too much to allow them be involved with drugs, and that you will use any tool available to keep them away from drugs, including drug testing in your home. So many parents simply haven't given any thought to drug testing their kids at home. At-home testing is a very effective means of preventing teen drug use, especially by giving kids a great "excuse" to say, "NO WAY, MY PARENTS TEST ME". 

Testing does not have to be a negative, accusatory event; it does need to be done with an honest explanation beginning with how you love them too much to let anything bad happen to them. We talk to so many parents who wish that they had tested sooner.

On this site, you can order drug test kits, as well as find many facts and statistics about drug and alcohol abuse at our Parents' Information Center. You may be hesitant to order because you don't know what to do if your child's test is positive. Although every situation is different, you can find detailed information about how to handle a positive test at our If Drug Use is Found page.

The decision to drug test your teen is a serious one (and, we believe, a wise one). If you have concerns or doubts, you will probably find your questions answered on our FAQ page. If not, feel free to call, email, or text us. You can feel good about ordering from us because we really do care about this problem.

Parents- You really can prevent teen drug, alcohol, and tobacco use. We offer quick, accurate, easy to use, inexpensive, and private in-home tests. Give your teen another reason to say NO.

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